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About Pineapple Funding

Pineapple Funding empowers small-medium Aussie businesses through straightforward, flexible access to capital with funders you can trust.

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We understand the challenges faced with running a business with limited cashflow and many competitors. Businesses like you need a lender you can trust to guide you through the process efficiently and negotiate the best deal. Our focus is on your requirements, not on a quick commission. We make it our mission to help you achieve your financial goals to grow your business and prosper.
Helping you grow your business on your terms
We are passionate about good service, helping our customers grow their business on their terms and assisting as their funding requirements evolve. We will be there to help you along the way with the challenges you face and so you can respond quickly to market conditions and unforeseen events.

We are different and we know the customer comes first. Our goal is to assist and guide you throughout the application and negotiation process to get you the best deal for your business finance available.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send us your enquiry here: https://www.pineapplefunding.com.au/our-services or Call us at 1300 79 32 92.

For Secured loans, you can get loans between $10K - $20M and for Unsecured loans you can borrow loans between $5K - $250K.

You can follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Fill your details on this page https://www.pineapplefunding.com.au/our-services
  • Get a consultation call from us that will help us to know your loan requirements better.
  • Choose from a variety of loans provided by our trusted private loan lenders.
  • Apply online for the loan with your online lending manager.

Yes, you can get Unsecured business loans between $5K - $250K amount without collateral through Pineapple Funding.

You can get lightning fast approvals through Pineapple Funding.

With Secured business loans, you need collateral for approvals but with Unsecured business loans, you can get approvals without providing any collateral. As there is less risk in secured loans, interest rates are generally less compared to unsecured business loans.

We first consult with you to understand your requirements, then offer a variety of loans for you to choose the right ones that meet your needs.

Business Loans Calculator

Ditch your bank and take control of your business by applying for business loans through our trusted private lenders. Once approved, the money will be credited to your account within 3 business hours!

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$5000 $150000
1 Week52 Weeks
Total fee*
Total repayment
Repayments calculations are based on the published interest rates available, Actual repayments may vary based on your circumstances.

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